Machinary Insect
.::.A temptress smitten by the blackest force.::.
I cant believe I walked around like that at one point

All i want in life is a cozy little place for me and the bf and our two cats that i can call my own but it seems completely fucking impossible

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having a body positive day :o


no no, it’s fine, ill text myself back


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Seriously if you can’t take a second to message me back, especially after i say i miss you, then you don’t deserve me..

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Anonymous asks:What do you think 1994 Manson would say to 2014 Manson?


Less cake more sodomy.


Since this isn’t sourced and the artist is a friend of a family friend,  Ill take the liberty of giving credit to Jana Miller of bone-lust for this beautiful work..



Let me call you my good girl while I choke you and make you cum


oh my fuck..

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FUCK why did I have to see this right now..